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Brookside Agra introduces GP Pro+ supplement

Acidified nutritional protein supplement shown to improve pig and sow performance.

Brookside Agra is now offering all-natural GP Pro+, a high-quality acidified nutritional protein supplement research-proven to improve pig and sow feeding performance, according to an announcement.

The company said GP Pro+ contains key nutrients including digestible sources of peptides, amino acids and trace minerals, such as: 79% crude protein, 70% soluble protein, 12% lysine and 87.5% total digestible nutrients.

Using a preparatory stabilization and acidification process, the supplement is "unique in its quality as a feed ingredient and is highly stable with moisture under 5% and a pH around 3," Brookside Agra said.

"GP Pro+ has none of the anti-nutritional factors that can be in plant-based protein sources," said Tim Nelson, vice president - animal health and nutrition sales at Brookside Agra. "When incorporated into a balanced diet, GP Pro+ drives feed intake, leading to optimal growth, condition and health."

In a recent study, naturally raised weanling pigs whose diets contained GP Pro+ ate more feed and gained more weight compared to the control group in field trials, which lasted 49-51 days, the company reported.

GP Pro+ is spray dried and packaged in the U.S. under strict FAMI-QS, Safe-Feed/Safe-Food, HACCP and Identity Preserved Standards.

For more information about GP Pro+, visit www.brookside-agra.com/products/specialty-feed-additives/gp-pro.

Brookside Agra is a global fifth-generation, family-owned business based in O'Fallon, Ill., that manufactures and distributes a variety of research-proven, all-natural products for specialty feeds; animal health and production; agriculture and the environment, and commercial, industrial and household use.

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