Boehringer Ingelheim launches

New site offers articles, research, videos and more on latest swine health topics.

Boehringer Ingelheim announced the launch of a new website,, designed to provide swine producers and veterinarians with the latest research and knowledge in swine health and disease management.

“This website is your resource for new and cutting-edge swine health information, with an emphasis on disease prevention,” said Del Birkhofer, head of U.S. Swine and Newport Laboratories at Boehringer Ingelheim. “As part of our mantra, ‘Start Healthy. End Strong.,’ we are committed to helping farmers and veterinarians succeed in preventing swine diseases by providing the right tools for a healthy start. It’s simple: Sick pigs fail to reach their potential, and we can give you resources to help protect your bottom line.”

The site,, offers easily navigable information on swine health, respiratory and enteric diseases and other disease prevention and diagnostic topics. Fresh content will continuously be available in the form of rotating feature articles. A mix of content types in each section, including new research studies, white papers and videos, offers users the most relevant and valuable content tools for them. The website also provides the ability to download items, and share content straight from the site.

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