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Bio-Vet introduces five new products

Bio-Vet Inc. introduces five new products for livestock producers.

Bio-Vet Inc. introduces five new products for livestock producers.

1. BYCEPS Paste — A new paste formulation of Calf BYCEPS B milk additive for neonatal calves, BYCEPS Paste is a nutritional/microbial supplement for calves at arrival, prior to and during routine stress-related outbreaks. Available in user-friendly 80-milliliter dial-a-dose tubes.

2. O' Pecti-Cap Jr. capsules provide nutritional support for calves undergoing diarrhea and/or digestive upset. ‘O’ Pecti-Cap Jr. capsules contain fiber (pectins) to help normalize intestinal consistency, and electrolytes that improve water retention and maintain body fluid levels

3. 'O' Bovine GoldLyte is a soluble nutritional supplement for dehydrated cattle during hot weather, and during shipping to reduce shrink. 'O' Bovine GoldLyte may be mixed with water or mixed into the total mixed ration. Available in a 15-lb. pouch.

All Bio-Vet ‘O’ products may be considered for organic use.

In addition to the above, Bio-Vet is introducing these microbial products:

4. SyniGest — A waste treatment blend to aid in breakdown of animal manure, available in 100-g and 500-g packets. Standard application rate is 100 g per 100,000 gal. of liquid manure.

5. Generator ProSacc — A direct-fed microbial product primarily designed for pre-conditioning and incoming feedlot cattle and weanling calves. Generator ProSacc is now available in a convenient 3-kg pouch.

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