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Arm & Hammer adds new bacillus strains

Proprietary strains in Certillus products offer protection against pathogens for livestock and poultry

Arm & Hammer Animal & Food Production announced the discovery of two new beneficial bacillus strains, Bacillus subtilis 839 and Bacillus subtilis 4976, which will be incorporated into Arm & Hammer Targeted Microbial Solutions available in Certillus products for poultry, swine and cattle producers.

Both new strains have antimicrobial activity against harmful bacteria that are prevalent within the livestock and poultry industries, the company said. B. subtilis 839 is effective against diverse Escherichia coli species in both ruminants and poultry, while B. subtilis 4976 offers activity against E. coli, salmonella, Clostridium perfringens and other clostridial bacteria that are common in poultry, swine and beef and dairy cattle, Arm & Hammer said.

“Commercial development of these strains is integral to helping our customers address pathogenic disease and food safety threats,” said Dr. Xandra Smith, Arm & Hammer manager of microbial ecology and genetics. “Through our commitment to research and problem-solving, livestock and poultry producers can support the overall production and health of their herds and flocks, while helping to protect the integrity of our food supply.”

Targeted Microbial Solutions are available exclusively from Arm & Hammer through its Certillus products for feed, forage and manure. These solutions are tailored to the individual operation based on an evaluation of the Microbial Terroir, an assessment of the microbial makeup of the environment, soil, animals and weather at the specific farm location. After identifying the operation’s unique challenges, Arm & Hammer develops custom Certillus solutions with the precise combination of bacillus strains to address those challenges.

The recent addition of two new bacillus strains to the Microbial Terroir portfolio is the result of continuous research to find new and more effective ways to expand coverage of the diverse pathogens that challenge livestock and poultry and threaten food safety, the company said. Arm & Hammer researchers use advanced genetic testing tools to screen beneficial candidates from among its library of more than 25,000 bacterial isolates.

“As pathogens change and emerge, Arm & Hammer is continually on the cusp of discovery to offer the most effective products. Developing new strains allows us to help producers fight foodborne pathogens as well as disease-causing pathogens that hamper animal efficiency and performance,” Smith said.

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