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ADM Animal Nutrition expands Gro Fast portfolio for dairy beef cattle

Comprehensive feeding program is designed to help make most of dairy beef cattle genetic potential from birth to market.

ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), announced July 11 advancements to its Gro Fast product portfolio for dairy beef cattle.

Gro Fast is a comprehensive feeding program designed to help make the most of dairy beef cattle’s genetic potential from birth to market. By promoting proper protein and fat deposition, stable digestion and consistent feed intake, the Gro Fast product line maximizes dairy beef cattle's ability to gain weight quickly and efficiently, resulting in profitable high-grade and high-yield carcasses.

New additions to the Gro Fast product portfolio include: Gro Fast 36 Concentrate for calves up to 400 lb. and Gro Fast 46/16 and Gro Fast 38/13 supplements for use from postweaning to finishing weight. Gro Fast 38% Concentrate is also available for producers who desire an all-natural protein supplement. ADM’s Gro Fast products are fortified with optimal nutrient bioavailability, including: IntelliBond Hydroxy Minerals comprised of highly bioavailable zinc, copper and manganese sources; Nova-E Natural-Source Vitamin E to provide immune support, and a special flavorant to promote consistent intake.

“The Gro Fast portfolio is designed to enable dairy beef to achieve fast, economical and efficient gains by providing energy-rich diets with limited roughage, high-quality protein sources and bioavailable vitamins and minerals that support rumen function,” said Bill Earley, dairy product portfolio manager for ADM Animal Nutrition. “We are excited to offer these new concentrates as we continue to find new ways to help dairy beef producers deliver profitable Prime-cut beef to the market.”

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