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AB Vista to launch phytate reference guide

Guide contains details of average phytate levels for a range of raw materials available across the world.

At the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Ga., AB Vista will launch the animal feed industry’s first phytate reference guide.

AB Vista said the guide will contain details of average phytate levels for a range of raw materials available across the world.

AB Vista global technical manager Gilson Gomes explained, “More in-depth analysis of feed and raw materials can help nutritionists and producers gain a deeper understanding of anti-nutritional factors such as phytate, as well as variation in raw materials. This insight can help companies tap into margin opportunities that may otherwise have been lost or not realized.”

Knowing the phytate content of ingredients and feed can help producers exploit the extra-phosphoric effects of phytases, by targeting the complete breakdown of phytate in the diet. This insight or "feed intelligence" can help nutritionists identify the phytase application that will deliver the best return on investment, AB Vista said.

“We understand the pressure on producers to get the most value out of their operations. Scientific advancements continue to shed more light on the role of nutritional factors and our ability to measure these within diets, opening up possibilities for incremental improvements in energy and nutrition efficiency. We’ve developed this phytate reference guide to provide companies with an improved nutritional picture or ‘feed intelligence’ to help them with formulating to meet the demands of the industry," Gomes added.

The guide, which contains information on phytic-phosphorus levels in a range of raw materials — including corn, wheat, sorghum and soybean meal — across the Americas and globally, will be available at AB Vista’s IPPE booth.

For more information, contact AB Vista at info@abvista.com.


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