Spader joins Kincannon and Reed as managing director

Jared Spader brings 18 years of consulting experience.

Jared Spader brings 18 years of experience consulting across the food value chain, working with senior level leadership and C-Suite executives developing solutions that advance business. With Kincannon & Reed, he will join a group of 24 global principals working with clients to identify leadership needs, assess talent and build strategies to recruit the right individuals to the right organizations. Spader’s network across the food and agriculture industries is broad, and his connections outside the industries are also very valuable as he continues to work with clients to advance business.

“We were thrilled when Jared indicated he was interested in working for Kincannon & Reed,” said David Turner, president of Kincannon and Reed. “His service industry experience, combined with his passion for people will be a strong asset both inside the organization, with our clients, and any prospective candidates he works with in the future.”

In his role as managing director, Spader will have the opportunity to consult with clients on their talent needs as well as outline a search strategy that delivers. He will also have responsibilities for identifying and assessing candidates.

“Kincannon and Reed has such a unique place in our industry, and a unique approach to finding the right talent. The experience of industry executives combined with the expertise of search professionals is something that I was originally attracted to,” said Spader. “The opportunity to help organizations in our industry with their human capital and leadership needs is something I'm excited by and something I deeply believe in. It's important work, and I was drawn to the opportunity to align with an organization that I've long admired, working with clients and in industries that I've spent my entire life serving.”

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