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Meat supplies in cold storage continue to rise

Total supply of beef, pork, chicken and turkey 6% higher than same time last year.

Total beef, pork, chicken and turkey in freezers on Jan. 31, 2018, was 2.317 billion lb., 6.0% above last year’s level of 2.177 billion lb. and 6.1% above the previous month, according to data in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest “Cold Storage” report.

Total stocks of chicken were 1% lower than the prior month but 13% higher than last year, at 877 million lb., USDA reported. Total pounds of turkey in freezers were up 21% from the month before and up 10% from last year, at 373 million lb.

Total beef in freezers was 2% higher than the previous month but 7% lower than last year at 500 million lb.

Frozen pork supplies, on the other hand, were up 16% from the previous month and up 8% from last year. Stocks of pork bellies continue to be higher, up 13% from the prior month and up 219% from last year.

Total stocks of natural cheese in refrigerated warehouses on Jan. 31, 2018, were down slightly from the previous month but up 7% from Jan. 31, 2017.

Butter stocks were up 33% from the month before and up 1% from a year ago.

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