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CROP PROGRESS: Corn 3% planted; winter wheat improves

crop progress
More rain helps Plains wheat.

Corn planting is under way in the South and Southeast, plus a few acres in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri, for a nationwide total of 3% done, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Monday. That is on par with the five-year average but down slightly from last year.

Corn planting in Texas was 59% done versus 45% a year ago and the 50% average. 

Winter wheat in the Plains improved to 53% good to excellent from 51% a week ago as more rain fell during the past week. A year ago at this time, the crop was rated 56% good/excellent. The Kansas crop was better, at 48% good/excellent versus 43% last week.

“Rain continued to fall across the majority of counties, with many averaging one inch or more,” the Kansas report said.

Oklahoma’s wheat improved to 45% good/excellent from 41%, and 8% was headed versus the 10% average. Texas wheat went to 41% good/excellent from 39%, with 40% headed versus the 20% average.

“Although spring storms brought some rainfall to the southeastern and east-central districts, drought conditions continued to advance across the state last week,” the Oklahoma report said. The worst of the drought areas there were in the east and northwest areas of the state.

Spring wheat planting is 5% completed, compared with 12% a year ago and the five-year average of 11%. Spring wheat in North Dakota was 2% planted versus 4% a year and the 5% average.

“The warm temperatures melted much of the remaining snow across North Dakota and warmed soils at the same time. Some northern areas, where large amounts of snow were received this winter, were experiencing some flooding,” the North Dakota report said.

In Kansas, topsoil moisture increased to 80% adequate to surplus from 74% a week ago, while Oklahoma was at 70% versus 63% a week ago and Texas was at 67% versus 68% last week.

In Iowa, topsoil moisture was 86% adequate to surplus ahead of spring planting, Illinois was at 86%, Indiana at 85% and Nebraska at 74%.

Sorghum was 18% planted nationwide versus 13% a year ago and the average. Texas was the furthest along, at 53%, versus 39% a year ago and the 41% average.

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