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ServiTech feeds division in Kansas earns ISO accreditation

ServiTech earns ISO 17025:2017 accreditation by demonstrating lab operates competently and generates valid results.

May 11, 2023

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ServiTech feeds division in Kansas earns ISO accreditation

ServiTech’s feed and forage testing laboratory in Dodge City, Kan. earned the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation by demonstrating the lab operates competently and generates valid results, thereby promoting confidence in ServiTech lab work both nationally and around the world.

ServiTech stockholders who manage feed mills or manufacture feed can use the ISO recognition as they work with vendors of feeds and ingredients. Randy Royle, ServiTech’s chief laboratory officer, said ServiTech has always offered accurate and meaningful data to customers and the ISO 17025 accreditation is the next step to enhance the lab reporting process.

“At ServiTech we have a standard we hold ourselves to that is a measurement of quality but also a measurement of our commitment to providing data that our customers can have confidence in,” Royle said.

Large companies that produce food, manufacture feed or develop grain products seek ISO accredited labs to ensure they receive the highest quality outcome and can rely on lab data as it makes business decisions. Earning ISO accreditation means ServiTech is technically competent to provide accurate and reliable test data to growers and companies – now with the documentation to prove it. ISO accreditation is established on a per test basis, with the majority of the feed tests ServiTech offers being accredited. Other tests may be added in the future.

“The ISO standard ensures we have an effective quality management system, our equipment is calibrated properly and that we have traceability for our testing,” Shane Moore, ServiTech quality assurance manager, said. “ISO 17025 accreditation means we have chemical and calibration traceability and documentation for each test we do. And we are proud of that.”

Each and every lab customer can depend on ServiTech data to make high-level business decisions, but ISO accreditation feed analysis enhances lab results as being legally defensible and completely traceable. The accreditation is like a stamp of approval for customers who seek the best, and Royle says ISO accreditation documents the quality of the data.

Royle says there is a goal at ServiTech to continue this ISO accreditation achievement across other areas of the lab in addition to promoting quality in feed testing. The documentation of competency and risk assessment is what sets ServiTech apart from other labs.

“Our overall commitment to quality, along with our accreditation and our personal expertise allows ServiTech customers to put the data and numbers to use and make a solid decision,” Royle says. “A company can feel confident their feedstuffs data that’s been developed and represented is qualified through a lab with international accreditation.”

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