Dairy & specialty livestock markets, 5/18/2018

May 18, 2018

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Dairy & specialty livestock markets, 5/18/2018

 --------Week ending--------

Dairy products, daily cash trading, CME Group, Chicago, $/lb.



  Blocks, 40 lb.

Nonfat dry milk, Grade A

Butter, Grade AA

Specialty Livestock & Poultry

Bison, carcass (monthly), hot carcass weight, $/cwt.

  Young bulls

  Young heifers

Veal, carcass, hide-off, 255-315 lb. (hot), $/head

  Non-packer owned

  Packer owned

Slaughter lambs, $/cwt.

  New Holland, Pa.; wooled & shorn, Choice/Prime 2-3, 110-130 lb.

  Sioux Falls, S.D.; wooled & shorn, Choice/Prime 2-3, 130-149 lb.

  Fort Collins, Colo.; wooled, Choice 1-2, 111-125 lb.

  San Angelo, Texas; wooled & shorn, Choice 2-3, 100-145 lb.

Slaughter goats, $/cwt.

  New Holland, Pa.; selection 1, 60-80 lb.

  Sioux Falls, S.D.; selection 1, 66 lb.

  Fort Collins, Colo.; selection 1, 61-68 lb.

  San Angelo, Texas; selection 1, 60-80 lb.

Ducklings, fresh, $/lb.

  Long Island, 4-5 lb.

  Midwest, 4-5 lb.

Rabbits, whole, ready-to-cook

  San Francisco, Cal.

Organic brown shell eggs in cartons, $/carton

  Extra large, doz.

  Large, doz.

Organic young chicken, wholesale, $/lb.

  Whole fryer

  Breast, boneless/skinless

  Breast, bone-in

  Legs, whole


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