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Good news about grain storage

Coming off a tough season for storing grain, you will likely pay close attention to grain in the bin this year. Taking good care of grain never goes out of style.

Good news about grain storage

Coming off a tough season for storing grain, you will likely pay close attention to grain in the bin this year. Taking good care of grain never goes out of style.

Storing grain successfully is easier if you have the right equipment. Take a look at these innovations from some of the leading names in the grain storage business.

Dryer includes 3 levels of control

The Blue Flame II Maxx uses high air flow and high heat to dry corn efficiently. The Blue II is equipped with a 7m Btu heater and an Air-Maxx 30, a 30-hp dual inlet centrifugal fan, which gives it the capacity to dry up to 20,000 bushels per day using its 30-hp motor. The system has three levels of automatic termperature control. It is designed to use with the Shivvers Performance System drying components in large-diameter 36-foot to 48-foot drying bins. Shivvers Air Damping Valves with counterweights automatically seals off the plenum from vermin when the fan stops blowing. It also seals the plenum and prevents costly air loss if one of two or more fans should shut down. Standard Plenum High Limits guard against excessive high temperatures in your valuable grain. The quiet system can used in noise-restricted areas. Suggested list price is $13,000. Call Shivvers, Corydon, Iowa, 800-245-9093, or visit www.shivvers.com.


Unique scales built into the bin

Weigh grain or feed in a bin with a technology that originated outside of agriculture. Load cells are built into the structure itself. If there are four legs, there are four load cells. The unit will work with structures that hold from 2 to 30 tons. Price may vary depending upon the size of the structure. Contact Intercomp, Medina, Minn., at 800-328-3336, or go to www.intercomp-scales.com.


Safer unloading of grain bin floor

You don’t have to worry that a sweep auger will chase you around the grain bin floor if you add Norstar Industries’ new reduction gear and Sure Grip wheel to it. The 16-to-1 gear-reduction wheel will slow the sweep down to a crawl when it reaches the floor. The reduction gear and wheel can be added to gear-driven or portable sweeps. The Sure Grip solid rubber wheel design ensures positive traction so you don’t have to enter the bin to get the sweep moving. Suggested list price for a bin sweep with a Sure Grip wheel and gear reduction for a 48-foot-diameter bin: $5,750. Call Norstar Industries, Morris, Manitoba, at 204-746-8200, or visit www.norstarindustries.com.


Get a handle on grain moisture

Many people put temperature cables in bins. Here’s a moisture cable that should add to your knowledge base. Integris systems still use temperature cables, but also include one moisture cable per bin. Moisture content is calculated every 4 inches from temperatures and is accurate to ±1.0-point moisture. Learn more from Integris USA LLC, 913-653-8350, or visit www.integrisusa.com.


Double-Run is gentle with grain

The Double-Run System from Sukup moves grain along an enclosed conveyor. More gentle than an auger, Double-Run can operate on up to a 60-degree incline. It’s a closed system, which makes it maintenance friendly. Sukup offers 8-inch and 10-inch systems with a suggested list price range of $6,100 to $11,900, excluding motor and accessories. Call Sukup, Sheffield, Iowa, 641-892-4222, or visit www.sukup.com.


The endless loop: load and unload grain

The Chain Loop System from Sukup is a completely enclosed system for loading and unloading grain. With the chain loop system, operators can feed a series of bins when unloading product. The grain can be loaded out to a truck or another bin for blending using the same system. The only limitation on this system is the amount of horsepower; it’s up to producers how much horsepower they choose to acquire. The base system, including two 50-hp motors, drive corners, take-up corners and the drive package, is $26,900, not including the conveyor or the chain going into the bin. Call Sukup, Sheffield, Iowa, 641-892-4222, or visit www.sukup.com.


This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

All rights reserved. Copyright Farm Progress Cos. 2010.

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