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Industry Voice: A Penton Agriculture Group Feature

The Penton Agriculture Group presents a unique platform connecting important messages and industry information from industry marketers with our top-tier agriculture producers.

Marketers' voices are important.

There's no doubt that agriculture industry market movers are an important voice.

Whether they are assessing the market or introducing a new product, what they have to say and how they proceed will impact agriculture producers.

As the ag community's one-stop-shop for news and information, we feel it's important that we share these messages with our audience to provide a holistic view of what is going on in the industry.

And they are different from editorial voices.

As important as these messages are, we feel it's even more important that we differentiate between marketer messages and our own editors' voices, who provide an experienced, objective, and sometimes much-needed critical view.

Hence, IndustryVoice. By flagging content under the IndustryVoice header, readers know immediately this is sponsored content. They can read it because it's important to them to know, and they can understand the difference between this and our own editors.

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