The American public is increasingly bombarded with mixed messages and misinformation regarding the safety and quality of the nation's food supply. As a result, consumer confidence is sometimes threatened, as is the very livelihood of farmers and ranchers. At risk is our U.S.-based food production system.

In order to ensure meat, milk and eggs a spot on the dinner table, the editors of Feedstuffs developed Feedstuffs FoodLink, a multimedia communication tool designed to provide producers, educators, the media and consumers with the information and facts they need to have informed discussions and make informed decisions.

"Today's modern agriculture provides billions of people worldwide with safe, high-quality and affordable food products and does so in a way that impacts fewer resources than ever before. It is time we do a better job of telling that story and communicating what it is that animal agriculture does and why. Feedstuffs FoodLink does just that and reaches all levels of the food chain - from those involved in actual production to those making choices as to what to put on their table each day," said Sarah Muirhead, publisher of Feedstuffs.

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