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Virtual Town Hall Meetings Create Food Dialogues

U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance held four town hall meetings across the country to discuss the food challenges. Learn more below.

Opening a new dialogue with food consumers is a key goal of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, and their four-location virtual town hall meetings held Thursday, September 22, did just that. Farm Progress editors covered each of the events in detail during the day, and we've rounded up that coverage in a single page or your use. Check out each link below where you'll find not only a story about each town hall event, but an audio summary as well.

USFRA Pleased by Food Dialogues

Reviewing results from the first-ever nationwide virtual town hall event, Bart Schott, board member on USFRA, talks about the event and what he sees going forward.

USFRA Holds First Town Hall Meeting in Indiana

The Food Dialogues held today notes that 93% of farmers and ranchers feel that consumers have an inaccurate perception of what modern agriculture is. Only 2 in 5 consumers say they have enough information about the food they eat today.

Food Dialogues Hit Hot Topics at D.C. Town Hall Meeting

USFRA met at a live town hall meeting Washington, D.C. at The Newseum to discuss "The View from 30,000 Feet." Panelist joined together to best answer questions many farmers, ranchers and consumers have regarding agriculture in the U.S.

Food Dialogues Talk About Sustainability

USFRA held a four part panel discussion to inform the public on food and agriculture. In the third panel, they discussed how to use school lunch programs to reach out and educate people on where their food comes from.

USFRA: Get Family Back to the Dinner Table

Society as a whole, has lost the meaning of portion control with less people cooking at home. The Food Dialogues touch on the fact that less people are cooking at home while more people need to be better informed with labels, ratings and calories.

U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) is a newly formed alliance consisting of a wide range of prominent farmer- and rancher-led organizations and agricultural partners. This marks the first time agricultural groups at the national, regional and state levels have collaborated to lead the dialogue and answer Americans’ questions about how we raise our food – while being stewards of the environment, responsibly caring for our animals and maintaining strong businesses and communities.

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