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Flying Farmers are Cleared for Landing

Here's that information you need if you're flying to the show.

If your plans are to fly in to the 2015 Farm Progress Show, you’ll need to know this -- located about six miles from the Farm Progress Show site, the Decatur airport is the closest place to land your airplane.

Decatur Airport is the official “fly-in host” of the 2015 Farm Progress Show. The staff at Gaitros Aviation will make every effort to make your fly-in a comfortable, convenient experience.

You will be met by a “follow-me” vehicle which will lead you to a parking marshal. You’ll be greeted by Gaitros Aviation staff who will provide you with coffee and cookies to get your day started right.

Shuttle buses, which run continually throughout the day, will deliver you to and from the show for a nominal fee. Pilots staying at the FBO during the Farm Progress Show can enjoy home cooked Italian cuisine at the Main Hangar Restaurant, located within the terminal airport building. A pilot’s lounge and quiet room are also available.  For additional information you can visit gaitrosaviation.com.

Airport information

The Decatur Airport is located at Latitude 39 degrees, 50 minutes and 08 seconds, and Longitude 88 degrees, 51 minutes and 98 seconds. The elevation is 682 MSL. Runway 6/24 is an 8,500-by-150 foot grooved asphalt and concrete HIRL. Runway 18/36 is an 5,300-by-150 foot grooved asphalt MIRL.

ASOS weather is available at 217-429-0052. Private aircraft arrivals may call the Decatur Airport FBO at 217/423-9903 for parking or service needs.  Fuel is Jet A with Prist, Jet A without Prist and 100 LL. 

On your radio, Unicom frequency is 122.95, tower frequency is 118.9, ground frequency is 121.75, and ATIS frequency is 126.35. The Decatur ATC Tower is open 0600 – 2200 daily.

For additional airport information, please visit www.decatur-parks.org.

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