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Introducing FEEDSTUFFS 365

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Launching Jan. 25, this 24/7 online platform is agriculture's newest source for news and information.

What's ahead on FEEDSTUFFS 365? Here's what we have planned for you in the first two weeks:

Week of January 25-29
What will the Biden Administration hold for the ag sector?
Tuesday, January 26 / 12:30 pm- 1:00 pm Central

The political outlook has shifted significantly with the election of President Joe Biden and Democrats controlling both the House and Senate. However, there is hope for bipartisanship with razor-thin margins in the House and a 50-50 split in the Senate. Farm Progress Policy Editor Jacqui Fatka will take us through what we can expect with the new administration and the 117th Congress as it shifts towards a focus on climate policy, infrastructure and taxes. Bring your questions and viewpoint.

Introduction to Feedstuffs’ new price collection/reporting platform
Wednesday, January 27 / 1:00 pm-1:15 pm

We are joined by Guy Soreq, president of Glowlit, to find out more about how the new Feedstuffs price collection/reporting system works. Beginning in 2021, Glowlit and Feedstuffs have partnered to bring this innovative new technology platform to Feedstuffs 365 members.

Feed Ingredient Market Insight (FDS Members Only)
Wednesday, January 27 / 1:15 pm-1:30 pm Central

We talk with Guy Soreq, president of Glowlit, about factors currently influencing the feed ingredient market and prices. Don’t miss this market insight that can help drive your business.

Hog industry disease challenges for 2021
Thursday, January 28 / 1:00 pm-1:30 pm Central

Using what we’ve seen and learned in 2020, we talk with Dr. Paul Sundberg, executive director of the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) about the priorities for the industry in the new year. Of course, Africa swine fever is a big topic of discussion along with feed safety and the new vaccine that is under development within USDA. We also get an update on the ASF situation in Asia, find out just how biosecure the new “hog hotels” in China may or may not be and learn about the Vietnam project that SHIC is involved in.

Week of February 1-4
Is Amazon coming for your customers? (FDS 365 Members Only)
Tuesday, February 2 / 10:00 am-10:30 am Central

Are the rules of business and customer engagement changing? We talk with Luke Powers, founder and CEO of Gearflow.com, about the genesis of eCommerce and what it could mean for you as you buy and sell products.

Feed Ingredient Market Insight (FDS Members Only)
Wednesday, February 3 / 10:00 am-10:15 am Central

We talk with Guy Soreq, president of Glowlit, about those factors currently influencing the feed ingredient market and prices. 

Sustainability in the animal feed sector: What you need to know
Wednesday, February 3 / 10:15 am-10:45 am Central
The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) has released a Resource Guide on Sustainable Animal Feed, a digital resource created to help companies in the animal feed supply chain better understand and address how the demand for animal protein products – and subsequently animal feed – affects the environment, including air, land, soil, water and biodiversity. The free resource guide was developed by TSC alongside a group of stakeholders made up of over 20 different organizations including Field to Market, BASF, Greenfield Solutions, National Pork Board, The Nature Conservancy, Pipestone Systems, Syngenta, American Feed Industry Association, Sustainable Food Lab, and others. We interview Dr. Christy Slay, TSC’s senior director of science and research, and Teresa Garcia-Moore, research assistant, about the new guide and its significance to the feed industry.

La Nina, drought: What’s likely ahead for the first half of 2021
Thursday, February 4 / 1:00 pm-2:00 pm Central

Crop and livestock producers are keeping a watchful eye on U.S. drought conditions as extreme conditions could be further exacerbated by this year's ongoing La Niña. How will this affect the upcoming growing season as well as pasture and rangeland conditions? The University of Nebraska's Allen Dutcher provides an update on the current drought status and provide insight on what this could mean for U.S. agriculture producers in 2021.

Check back for more great programming! Do you have ideas for things you want us to explore? Drop us a note at [email protected]

Why is FEEDSTUFFS 365 for you? It’s simple.

In these unprecedented times, we are all finding new ways to connect with our colleagues and industry partners. Our work patterns are continuing to evolve, and we’re all learning more on the virtual hemisphere to foster connections and carry out our work. This, in a way, is becoming our new norm and we all are learning how to get business done and stay informed. We’ve also experienced firsthand how digital technology can indeed help us succeed in new ways.

As with everything else, Feedstuffs too is evolving as it enters 2021. Feedstuffs is becoming FEEDSTUFFS 365, an online digital community that will provide you and other members with a year-round dynamic, engaging and interactive experience. FEEDSTUFFS 365 will be a place to come to discover, connect, meet, learn and source.

Your exclusive membership also gets you premium access to content on Feedstuffs.com as well the Feedstuffs Daily, Feedstuffs Podcasts and Feedstuffs Alert enewsletters.

To authorize the transfer of your current Feedstuffs subscription balance to your new FEEDSTUFFS 365 membership, sign up at bit.ly/Feedstuffs365. It is that simple!

As a FEEDSTUFFS 365 member you will be informed of upcoming programming, have first dibs on size-limited breakout/discussion groups with industry leading experts and more. We are thrilled that many of our regular print contributors will be joining us over at FEEDSTUFFS 365 and on Feedstuffs.com to provide you the same great information you are accustom to from Feedstuffs, just in a different format. A format that will allow for discussion and the active sharing of thoughts and ideas. In other words, FEEDSTUFFS 365 will bring life and put a real face to what were previously just words on paper and all in a more timely way.

FEEDSTUFFS 365 will be a central hub where you can connect with industry professionals, experts, and colleagues to discuss and toss around ideas on the latest research, product solutions and innovations, business news, and market forecasts. Connect via chat or meet through 1:1 video conferencing or join in on our member-only breakouts, discussion groups and networking sessions.

As a FEEDSTUFFS 365 member, you will have access to weekly content presentations and digital events. In a way, you can be a part of our news gathering process by being directly involved in the discussion and publicly or privately ask those questions that you always wanted asked. It is a way we can all learn from each other and move our industry forward in a way never before possible.

Your FEEDSTUFFS 365 team includes some very familiar names – Sarah Muirhead, Krissa Welshans, Andy Vance and Steve May. We have a long history with the industry and have long been bringing you the news and insight of importance to you. You recently received your last print issue of Feedstuffs in the mail; we now are working to finalize plans on FEEDSTUFFS 365 and our editorial offering for the first quarter of the new year. We hope you have already clicked that button above and plan to join us digitally.

What you can expect from your FEEDSTUFFS 365 membership:

• Market outlooks for grain, feed ingredients and protein sectors

• Industry trend updates on topics of importance to your business

• Discussions on the latest research findings in pigs, dairy cattle, beef cattle and poultry

• Industry leader/mover-shaker fireside chats

• Technology updates related to new innovations for animal agriculture

• Planned networking events and content sessions on a range of feed/feeding and animal agriculture topics

• Even BREAKING NEWS sessions – it is great to have a schedule but sometimes we need to be on a topic now and we will do that!

• Full agenda coming soon!

FEEDSTUFFS 365 also will be where you can search companies and products 365 days/year, 24/7.

We look forward to seeing you in FEEDSTUFFS 365 in 2021. More details coming soon, and don’t forget to let us know it’s okay to transfer your existing Feedstuffs subscription over to a FEEDSTUFFS 365 membership in your name at bit.ly/Feedstuffs365. If you don’t want to be a part of FEEDSTUFFS 365, we understand and hate to see you go, just call our customer service line at 800-441-1410 to request a refund of your remaining subscription. Likewise, if you try FEEDSTUFFS 365 and find that it isn’t for you, you can call us at any time for a refund of your remaining balance.

ATTENTION INDUSTRY PARTNERS: Interested in being our partner/sponsor of FEEDSTUFFS 365, just let us know and we’ll get you more details on that.

Thank you all for the continued support.

Best regards,

Your Feedstuffs Team

Contact Customer Service at 800-441-1410 or [email protected]

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