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Farm Progress Wamnet Instructions and General Print Information

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Savvis™ WAM!NET Internet Gateway Instructions

The following steps are helpful for successful transmission of files to Farm Progress

1. Please name your file using advertiser name and issue date. (Example JohnDeere0301). This is most important in tracking your material. Ads named simply Farm Progress or by magazine risk the danger of having material overwritten by the next account transmitting a file using the same name. Following the above naming convention will prevent this and will allow us to successfully track your material.

2. If using a Macintosh you can then save your file as a Stuffit file or in Windows as a zip file. (Example: JohnDeere0301.sea or JohnDeere0301.zip). The preferred format “Press Ready PDF” files can be sent without using Stuffit or Winzip. When finished you are ready to connect to Internet by following instructions below.

3. Connect to the Internet and enter HTTP://WWW.WAMGATE.COM in the address window.

4. Enter the following in the username box farmprogress (Note this is all one word and lowercase.)
In password box enter tractor (The password is also in lower case)

5. When next window opens click on Send button as shown below (5a).

6. Follow as illustrated below.

7. For email acknowledgement to the person listed below that will be receiving your material at Farm Progress. (optional)

Send this email to:

Commercial advertising goes to [email protected]

Marketplace Extra and Livestock advertising goes to [email protected]

If you have any further questions contact Jim Heffron at 630.462.2941 or [email protected]


General Policies and Conditions

  • It is understood and agreed that all orders must conform with the conditions set forth in this rate card. We reserve the right to eliminate from all orders any clauses which do not comply.
  • All advertising is subject to publisher's approval. We reserve the right to refuse copy. Inserts must be approved in advance. Customers who choose not to send a sample in advance will be responsible for any mechanical or postage charges incurred if any requirements are not met.
  • Orders accepted at rates prevailing when advertisement is scheduled to appear. Cash discounts are not allowed.
  • All payments must be in United States currency.
  • Publisher reserves the right to hold an advertiser and its agencies jointly liable for payments due.
  • Our liability on any advertisement is limited to the net space cost of that advertisement.
  • Agency commission is 15% to recognized advertising agencies supplying print-ready material. Agency commission does not apply to classified advertisements.
  • For ads built by publisher, proofs will be returned for approval provided material is received prior to advertising closing date. Advertisement will appear as built without liability unless written revisions are received by closing date.
  • Editorial style copy will be labeled with the word "advertisement."
  • No changes or cancellations accepted after closing date.
  • Position requests are not binding unless confirmed by us in writing.
  • We are not liable for copy that bleeds off the page due to normal binding and trimming.
  • Advertising material will be discarded one year from last date of insertion.
  • Non-compete policy: Farm Progress reserves the right to withhold services from any company it determines to be a direct competitor. This policy generally applies to companies who offer print and/or digital advertising, direct marketing, and/or trade shows within the same agricultural markets served by Farm Progress.
  • Discounts are based on gross dollar volume for space and color during a specified 12-month period for any corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Any discount adjustments, up or down, will be made at the end of the contract year based on actual dollar volume. Dollar-volume discounts are based on gross expenditures and paid on net dollars.

Mechanical Requirements

The preferred method of receiving files is through our FTP service at http://internetgateway.wamnet.com. Our username for this service is farmprogress and our password is tractor (both in lowercase lettering). If sending multiple files, please Zip/Stuff them into a single archive when possible. If you cannot use the FTP service, a CD-ROM is acceptable.

  • Total Ink Density of images should be set at 300%.
  • All color and grayscale photo scans should be actual size at a minimum 240 dpi and saved as tiffs.
  • Produce Full Page Spread Ads as two pages.
  • Please refer your ad production questions to Jim Heffron at 630/462-2941.

Electronic ad materials are preferred. Compatible file formats follow:


Acrobat PDF*


Press Ready PDF from Acrobat Distiller
Page Layout Program

Adobe InDesign
Photo File Formats


Photoshop EPS


Version 1.2 through 1.6. Use default “Press Ready” settings in Distiller. Create PDF from Page Layout by creating Postscript file and distill through Distiller. Add 1/8th inch bleed to full page ads. PDFs sent to Farm Progress will be trapped at the printer, therefore we request only non-trapped device-independent PDFs. PDFs trapped by Prinergy or other systems may not be compatible with our printer’s trapping software and results cannot be guaranteed.

Use extension .INDD, Package for Output.

Use CMYK, Grayscale, or Bitmapped. No RGB.

Use ASCII Encoding, 8-Bit Tif Preview.