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Farm Futures Ag Finance Boot Camp
Jan. 20, 2016
HOTEL: St. Louis Union Station - GET YOUR ROOM NOW!

Great business management starts with a broad understanding of dollars and cents.  This one-day program is designed specifically for farmers and business managers who understand the basics of financial recordkeeping, but want more information on how to use financial records to make sound management and production decisions. Topics include:

* Do you have the right data to make the best financial decisions
* Working with your lender to manage working capital, cash flow and debt service
* How to read a financial statement and balance a balance sheet
* How to do a financial stress test on your business and make decisions based on the results
* Family living costs: the Achilles heal in 2016 cash flow
* ... and more

The content of the agenda qualifies for 4.0 Illinois Public Accountants Continuing Education Credits. State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, License # 158-002205. Certificates of Attendance will be made available to those persons requesting them at the program on January 20.