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Tom J. Bechman,
Editor, Indiana Prairie Farmer

P.O. Box 247

Franklin, IN 46131

Tel: 317-431-8766


Tom is an important cog in the Penton Agriculture machinery. In addition to serving as editor of Indiana Prairie Farmer, Tom is nationally known for his coverage of Midwest agronomy, conservation, no-till farming, farm management, farm safety, high-tech farming and personal property tax relief. His byline appears monthly in many of the state and regional farm magazines published by Penton Agriculture.

"I consider it my responsibility and opportunity as a farm magazine editor to supply useful information that will help today's farm families survive and thrive," the veteran editor says.

Tom graduated from Whiteland (Ind.) High School, earned his B.S. in animal science and agricultural education from Purdue University in 1975 and an M.S. in dairy nutrition two years later. He first joined the magazine as a field editor in 1981 after four years as a vocational agriculture teacher.

At the heart of Tom's stories is an appreciation for family farmers that stems from a childhood growing up on a small, Midwestern tenant dairy farm.

"Agriculture in the Midwest is very different today," he says. "But I still believe that the core beliefs I learned many years ago on the farm apply. Hard work, dedication, responsibility, and commitment to family and American values are still hallmarks of successful farm families."

Tom enjoys interacting with farm families, university specialists and industry leaders, gathering and sifting through loads of information available in agriculture today. "Whenever I find a new idea or a new thought that could either improve someone's life or their income, I consider it a personal challenge to discover how to present it in the most useful form, " he says.

Tom and his family raise Southdown sheep. While it is a small purebred enterprise, his sheep are a source of material for many of his humorous Front Porch columns and blogs. 

Contributing Editors for Indiana Prairie Farmer :

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Corporate Editorial Director
3864 Palisade Way

Eagan, MN 55122

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