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Ecological Laboratories expands farm waste distribution network

Article-Ecological Laboratories expands farm waste distribution network

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Products contain a select consortium of live bacterial cultures that exhibit unique anaerobic oxidation capabilities.

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. is expanding their global distribution network in the farm waste sector. Near-term expansion will include the countries of Brazil, Denmark, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Poland and building on Asian partnerships. This network, together with the recent ELI acquisition of TOMCO Chemical in the United States, has reach to greater than 800 animal husbandry producers servicing more than 10 million pigs and cattle globally.  

In farm waste, agricultural operators traditionally use combinations of polymers, bacillus spore bacteria, physical removal, and/or chemicals to handle key farm waste challenges. "The product Microbe-Lift IND and Microbe-Lift/SA differs from most, if not all, commercial bioformulations in that it contains a select consortium of live bacterial cultures that exhibit unique anaerobic oxidation capabilities," says Ecological Laboratories CTO Doug Dent.  

The cutting edge all-natural liquid microbial and humic formulations under the Microbe-Lift IND and Microbe-Lift SA products will now be available in expanded foreign markets; allowing animal producers to solve challenges including:

  • odor
  • pump-out consistency / consistent fertility grade
  • flies
  • crusting an sludge buildup 
  • H2S Toxicity and related corrosive effects

Building on the recent acquisition of TOMCO, ELI is focused on becoming the #1 provider of premium biological additives into farm waste, with future R&D investment in bio-gas and waste to energy strain development to expand future portfolio offerings for partners. 

"Currently we are in the strong position to selectively engage with global partners who share our vision on utilizing cutting edge natural bacterial products," says George Meserole, vice president of international sales operations for Ecological Labs. "These products allow the farm operators to transition away from less efficient methods used. Existing bacillus and polymer technologies familiar to farmers don't have the efficacy to address their needs compared to Ecological's highly active live microbial formulations."

Commercially in 2022 Q4 – 2023, Ecological will focus on identifying the strongest on-farm distribution partners in Belgium/Netherlands, Canada, Mexico and Germany. Ecological Laboratories, Inc. biological products for waste-to-energy can be sourced from our exciting portfolio of global distributors:

  • Brazil:  BioVirtus 
  • New Zealand:  Hyprecision
  • Denmark:  Microbes DK 
  • Poland:  Stabio 
  • Asia:  Ecological Asia
  • UK / N. Ireland:  To be announced

Source: Ecological Laboratories, which is solely responsible for the information provided, and wholly owns the information. Informa Business Media and all its subsidiaries are not responsible for any of the content contained in this information asset. 

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