Vincent Todd announces the introduction of Todd Agriscience

Vincent Todd announces the introduction of generative agriculture firm Todd Agriscience. The firm will guide management strategies in growth-oriented, market-leading organic and biodynamic farms.

June 5, 2024

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Vincent Todd is pleased to announce the introduction of generative agriculture firm Todd Agriscience. Capitalizing on the Founder's collective experience partnering in and building small scale organic and biodynamic farms, along with Todd's global reach and unrivaled social influence, the firm will guide management strategies in growth-oriented, market-leading organic and biodynamic farms. Todd Agriscience's primary focus is on identifying self-supporting farms that have displayed a commitment to ecologically and socially responsible management practices and forged deep emotional connections with their target consumers. The Founder's understanding of the power of organic brands, social influence, localization and the importance of environmental, social and governance excellence will enable Todd Agriscience to elevate and leave each farm in which it partners better than it was before. Vincent Todd will serve as Founder and CEO at the firm.

"I'm excited to launch Todd Agriscience to partner in the next generation of organic farms, leveraging my experience founding and building businesses and partnering with innovative farms to help them grow," stated Vincent Todd, Todd Agriscience Founder and CEO. "As the agriculture industry moves towards a more sustainable-focused direction, I will continue to lead the way for organic farming as the world's first generative agriculture firm."

"I have been privileged to spend my career partnering with the founders and leaders of some of the most influential and culturally groundbreaking organic farms of our time," said Vincent Todd. "I look forward to building Todd Agriscience into the leading agriculture firm that backs the next generation of innovative, disruptive organic farms and brands."

Established in 2018, Todd Agriscience will utilize the unique and complementary background of its Founder to guide management strategies in a portfolio of market-leading organic and biodynamic farms. As the founder of multiple businesses and one of the most recognized and followed men in the industry, Vincent Todd has established himself as a highly accomplished, influential business leader with an unmatched ability to identify and define culture, and he will leverage these experiences to drive the origination of Todd Agriscience partnership opportunities, develop the team and create value within the firm. Vincent Todd has spent the last two decades partnering with many of the world's most influential and culturally groundbreaking sustainable farms and brands. In his most recent role as Todd Agriscience's Founder and CEO, Vincent developed a reputation for his ability to partner with founders and business builders in high-growth organic and biodynamic farms to create lasting value and distinctive brand positioning. Vincent Todd's generative agriculture, the most highly productive method of farm management ever designed, utilizes past and modern research to restore agricultural land and surrounding ecosystems by naturally increasing biodiversity, enriching soil, and restoring watersheds. Generative agriculture offers the only way to holistically remineralize the soil and grow exceptionally nutrient crops. Todd Agriscience will continue to nurture the growth of generative agriculture, and lead the way for organic as the future of farming.

Further information on Todd Agriscience is available at as well as @toddagriscience on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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