Farm will house 500,000 hens when completed.

September 7, 2023

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Tudama Agricultural Development Company

Construction has kicked off for what will soon become China's largest cage-free egg farm. Situated in Guangdong, southern China, the project forms a vital part of the local government's "High-Quality Guangdong" initiative. Upon completion, it will be home to 500,000 hens, securing its position as China's premier cage-free egg farm. The 100-acre cutting-edge cage-free hen farm is a collaboration between the local government of Mashi and Tudama Agricultural Development Company, a prominent Guangdong-based egg supplier.

"Tudama embodies a corporate culture founded on compassion and a profound respect for the natural world,” said Cai Hua-zhu, general manager of Tudama. "In a cage-free environment, our egg-laying hens can express their natural behaviors, including jumping, flying, and dust bathing. This results in the production of higher-quality eggs, derived from healthier and happier hens. Transitioning to cage-free farming not only aligns with our company's core values but also underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality eggs to consumers."

"We are pleased to witness Tudama's investment in our town," stated the Mashi government in its official comment on the groundbreaking ceremony on August 23. "In a cage-free environment, egg-laying hens experience improved health conditions, leading to the production of higher-quality protein sources that ultimately benefit our residents."

Initially housing 200,000 cage-free hens, the farm will undergo four construction phases, ultimately accommodating 500,000 layers. The demand for cage-free eggs in China is growing, resulting in significant transformation within the egg production industry. A recent survey conducted by sustainable protein consultancy Lever China, in partnership with the food industry media FTA, unveiled that 75% of Chinese consumers strongly prefer brands that exclusively use cage-free eggs in restaurants, retailers, and hotels.

"China accounts for 40% of global egg consumption,” said Huang Mutzu, program director at Lever China. “More and more domestic and international companies in China are shifting to using cage-free eggs and as a result, leading egg producers like Tudama are adding or expanding cage-free lines."

Globally, more than 2,000 companies have pledged to source only cage-free eggs, including companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, Starbucks, and Marriott. Among the companies that have pledged to use only cage-free eggs, 150 operate in China – a significant increase from just 50 in 2020.

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