Asido Biologicals expands whole-farm solutions with new expertise and products

Asido Biologicals continues its quest to provide whole-farm solutions for healthy livestock and crops with the addition of new leadership, expertise and products in 2024.

May 13, 2024

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With decades of across-the-board expertise and region-specific knowledge, Asido offers American food producers a variety of tested, multi-strain, naturally grown microbial products. Easily incorporated, these products yield results at every stage of the growing cycle. Asido products have been proven to consistently improve return on investment for farmers and livestock producers across the country in many diverse settings.

Asido principal John Niemann, a trusted leader in the national protein industry, has been named partner while Erin Clark joins the team as regional sales manager for the company’s Animal Agriculture and Environmental Division.

A Kansas regenerative farmer, business advisor and successful entrepreneur, Niemann took on his additional responsibilities in January, cementing his commitment to Asido’s groundbreaking approach to healthier, more sustainable agricultural and livestock production. He joins noted conservationist Carter Smith and agriculture industry leaders James Henderson and Greg Schilling at the top of the Asido team, providing another facet of expertise and a wider swath of inter-regional knowledge.

Niemann’s 30-year career in corporate agribusiness, including executive roles at Cargill, demonstrates his expertise in consumer-centric models that spur innovation and growth. His commitment to the industry is also exhibited by previous service on the executive board of the National Turkey Federation.

“I am excited to join this outstanding leadership team to further strengthen the company’s groundbreaking approach to healthier, more sustainable agricultural livestock production,” said Niemann. “Our targeted, beneficial microbes can be easily added to a producer’s current protocols to create a ‘bio blanket,’ or — an ecosystem boost — to improve plant and animal health, increase resistance to stressors and enhance soil and environmental health.”

Niemann was key in recruiting Erin Clark to join the Asido team. Clark brings valuable experience from poultry production at commercial operations such as Tyson Foods and Cobb Vantress. In her new role at Asido, a Georgia native who now resides in Arkansas, will work directly with clients to incorporate Asido products into their current treatment plan to assure maximum results with an impressive return on investment.

“I'm really elated to be able to work with the wonderful people at Asido,” said Clark. “Agriculture is my passion — and I truly enjoy talking to people about solutions within this sector.”

The company is also introducing two new products to Asido’s popular, test-proven line. For decades, America’s food and crop producers have trusted Asido’s microbiological products — NTEXX Edge®, NTEXX 15-5-5®, NTEXX Soil Inoculant® and Waste Away® — to increase crop yield, improve soil health and optimize nutrient efficiencies. Now, two new high-performing products — WellBird™ and Top Gut™ — will further the company’s whole-farm solutions, working both from the outside in and from the inside out to decrease threats including salmonella.

WellBird™ can be added to poultry watering systems to improve overall bird health and digestive function. The proactive dosage-pulse approach provides a boost against stressors before they happen. Results include improved feed and water consumption, a reduced risk from non-feed materials along with disease progression through competitive exclusion.

The naturally occurring organisms in Top Gut™ are tailored to optimize gut health and boost feed efficiency in all livestock. Top Gut improves appetite, increases pound per day gain and manages the Ph level in the rumen for improved digestive health and performance.

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